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SASOL Foundation

About Us

Sahelian Solutions (SASOL) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in the Republic of Kenya.  Our priorities are in the areas of community development, access to water, and food and income security.

SASOL Foundation is commonly associated with building sand dams.  While sand dams are an excellent way to provide a community with long term water and food security, SASOL is involved in many other areas as well.

Enterprise Development

The Enterprise Development project aims at identifying homegrown business opportunities, as well as developing and implementing viable business plans that will ensure local entrepreneurs generate income. The focus is on micro enterprises whose development has been inhibited by a number of challenges:

  • Lack of sufficient capital,
  • Lack of entrepreneurial/management skills and experience,
  • Environmental instability,

Resource Library

Welcome to the Resource Library provided by SASOL Foundation! All resources are open and available for anyone to access. It is our desire that what we have learned through our years of experience working in Food Security will benefit anyone who is interested to learn. Our library has written and audio-visual resources for researchers, farmers, and others interested in food and water security topics. It includes annual reports, articles, manuals, and studies conducted since the inception of SASOL Foundation.

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Kenya Semi-Arid Livestock Enhancement Support

Project Dates: October 2014- April 30, 2015

Our project goal is to enhance rain water harvesting for increased livestock production in Makueni County. With lack of sufficient water prevailing in these upcoming dry months (February-March), our aim is to increase access and management of the current water supply so the members of our targeted communities can persevere through this dry time and into the future

Strengthening Livelihoods of Rural Agro-Pastoralists In Mutito District

The project duration is 3 years, beginning January 2015

SASOL Foundation and CEFA seek to promote sustainable livelihood diversification for farmers who live in arid and semi-arid land areas. Through this project, our goal is to increase incomes for 3,100 farmers/agro-pastoralists in Mutito District by helping them build their capacity, starting in production and leading all the way to the market.

SASOL’s Conservation Agriculture Pilot Project

Pilot Project Dates: May 5, 2014- May 2015
Potential 3-year Program Dates: June 2015- May 2018

Conservation agriculture is being promoted for its resource saving capacity including maintaining soil fertility, erosion control, reducing desertification and efficient use of scarce water resources; all of which are struggles that Kitui County faces. The ultimate goal for the project is to improve food security for the first 50 farmers in Mbitini/Kisasi ward.