The People of SASOL

J.Mutinda Munguti
Chief Executive Officer
Catherine Y Mutunga
Administrative Assistant
Alexander K Musyoka
Land &Water Programme Manager
Bernard Muendo
Technical Supervisor
Nathaniel Nzuva
Finance Officer
Mary M. Mutua
Front Office Assistant
Mathew I Kitema
Community Organizer
Benedict K. Nzyaka
Agricultural Extensionist
Boniface Kyalo Kimuli
Community Organizer
Evalyn Mwongela
Agricultural Extensionist
Wanza Mwendwa
Agricultural Extensionist
Elijah Kamama
Community Organizer

Board of Directors

The SASOL Board of Directors is comprised of voluntary members who advise on and approve decisions made by our organization. Each member shares the passion of uplifting the farmers in Kitui County, as well as the larger East African community, for better food security and improved livelihoods.

Board Members:

  1. Evans Mwanzui Ngava         :Chairperson
  2. Joseph Mutinda Munguti    :Secretary/CEO
  3. Julius Nzomo Munyao        :Treasurer
  4. Elisah Ngumi                       :Member
  5. Jeminah Sarah Mbiku          :Member
  6. Fredrick Peter Kimwilu         :Member
  7. Eunice Ann Mutuku             :Member