Phase 3: Follow-up and Market Linkages

Phase 3: Follow-up and Market Linkages

The final phase is implemented after one of the community groups has completed their training sessions. After some time, SASOL will follow-up on the group members in order to see the progress of each farmer’s new micro-enterprise business. SASOL staff members assigned to the Enterprise Development project will provide assistance and expertise when needed for the farmers to grow their businesses and feel more confident in their own abilities. We will also assist the farmers in developing market linkages so they are able to sell their produce.

The program is completely voluntary, and any farmer who does not wish to participate can choose to not act on the training they have received.

Project Activities

1. Credit Access:

  • The groups are linked to microfinance services, self-help groups, and commercial banks. Access to credit will allow the farmers to invest more into their businesses at appropriate times.

2. Market Linkages:

  • SASOL will seek out appropriate markets for the products being produced by the members of the enterprise development project, and will assist in making their products available at the markets.