Sahelian Solutions Foundation (SASOL) and Utooni Development Organization (UDO), are hosting the Sand Dam Conference at the Garden Hotel in Machakos, Kenya.  The purpose is to bring sand dam technology to a wider international level, to increase the knowledge on sand dam technology, and to share the platform /expose people to the practical application and benefits of sand dams. […]

All Agricultural Sector Actors are invited to attend a Market Event on the 7th of October, 2014; hosted by the SASOL Foundation, in partnership with Ustadi. Over 600 farmers are expected to attend this event, and other actors are welcome to come and sell your products or services to the farmers! The theme for the event is “to contribute to increased income for farmers by promoting the production and marketing of farm produce in Kitui County”.

Board of Directors tour for an exposure on the ongoing Conservation Agriculture project in Kitui Rural Subcounty as well as Sand dam project in Kitui East Subcounty.

The field day held on 6th June, 2017 was organized by Dry Lands development Program and implemented by Adra in Kitui County, Kitui Rural Sub-county, Kanyangi Ward, Kanyangi location, Masimba sub location at Jennifer Kithome’s farm. The theme of the field day was to promote soil and water conservation and climate smart agriculture for food […]

AusQuest Farm Agronomy Field Day 2017 The AusQuest farms annual field day was held on 13th of July,2017 at Machakos County. The event was attended by Agricultural professionals,Actors and Farmers.The day featured various crop walks discussing Mung Beans(green grams),Desi and Kabuli chickpeas(china),forage sorghum/sudan grass,Black grams,yellow Beans,finger millet and various biological trails of Mycorrhizae Participants observed […]