Enterprise Development

The Enterprise Development project aims at identifying homegrown business opportunities, as well as developing and implementing viable business plans that will ensure local entrepreneurs generate income. The focus is on micro enterprises whose development has been inhibited by a number of challenges:

  • Lack of sufficient capital,
  • Lack of entrepreneurial/management skills and experience,
  • Environmental instability,


The Enterprise Development project is being executed in phases. Phase 1 is the development of the Multi-Purpose Centre and Demonstration Farm in Southern Kitui County (MPC South). As the Centre is being equipped with the necessary resources, Phase 2 will begin where community members are engaged in micro-enterprises through training at MPC South. As trainings of the initial groups conclude, Phase 3 will be implemented to follow-up on the micro-enterprise practices of each community group. For more information on the individual phases, see the Project Phases page.


SASOL is currently operating in Phase 1, with Phase 2 developments in progress.


Target group

There are two target groups for the Enterprise Development project. The first is farmers already engaged in agricultural enterprise. Farmers who are already able to produce a quality product need assistance in expanding their businesses in order to get the best income for their product sales. The second group is women and youth in marginal livelihood zones. Women and youth make up the dominant population in rural areas, and they are often unemployed and without resources to support themselves or their families. For both groups SASOL plans to use the resources at the Multi-Purpose Centre to train the members of the target groups, refining skills they can use to be increasingly self-sufficient.


The Micro-enterprises SASOL is focused on are:

Tomatoes growing in an MPC greenhouse

Tomatoes growing in an MPC greenhouse

1. Vegetable production through greenhouse technology (i.e. tomatoes)

2. Conservation Agriculture technology such as mulching and permanent planting holes. Currently SASOL is applying CA principles using onions and sorghum intercropped with dolicos-mucuna.

3. Commercialization of indigenous goat rearing

4. Drought tolerant crop production (i.e. green grams, sorghum, and millet).

5. Indigenous poultry production under semi-intensive implementation.

6. Farmer Managed Natural Resource (FMNR) practice, this involves paddocking and vegetation management resulting in improved livestock nourishment.


MPC South Location, South of the Main SASOL Office in Kitui Town

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Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC-South)

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Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC-South)

Phase 1 focuses on developing a Farmer’s Resource Centre at MPC South, whereby modern farming technologies, conservation agriculture, and promotion of indigenous breeds of livestock suitable for arid and semi-arid regions are practiced.The main function of the Centre is to provide access to appropriate knowledge and skills as a contribution to the development and improved well-being of individuals in Kitui County.

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